Technology For Humans.

Who we are

We are Ability Team. We focus on project management and technology for humans.

Ability specializes in the design and development of digital products. Our team is focused on using the best technology in the context and needs of each project it receives to build the best solutions for our costumers. We are hard workers and we brag about it. We love humans as much as we love technology.


The process begins by defining the scope of the project. Here we collect as much information as we can so that we can start our research based on real-world data. This is also where we enter the discovery phase; look beyond the tecnical aspects of the solution. We search for the social and human aspects: How will the user interact with the product?


Here we work on the user experience and visual design of the projects we have in hands. We go that extra mile to design the best experience for the our clients' end-users. We care about how the product will look and feel. How it will function. How it will be developed. All of this is included in the design process.


Development phase is where our team is focused on working with technology to build the solutions. Here we use all our the research data that was collected in the discovery phase on the definition of the scope of the project. During this phase, we work along with the client to make sure that we meet expectations.


Launching a project is the most sensible part of the process. The solution we send out to the world needs to be accurately aligned with the needs of our costumers and needs to solve the problems of their users. We work to make sure that these two points are working together at their best.

Our Services

We are proud of what we do. Our services are designed to make our costumers' experience the best possible.

Project Manangement & IT Systems Analysis and Development

We help our costumers manage their projects at any scale. We also help them develop simple and complex IT Systems, as well as analise them.

Data Analysis

Our team has experience in Data Analysis at any level of complexity. We work with systems big and small.

Branding & Business Process Development and Management

We Design and Develop Branding Material for ambitious companies. In addition to this, we develop processess for business that need to jumpstart their company.

UI/UX Design

We care for the user experience of the products we develop. We seek to design pixel-perfect user interfaces and functional interactions.

Frontend Development

Frontend complements the UI/UX service. Our team designs and develops all the interfaces and interactions focusing on precision and responsiveness.

Our Works

We think people and technology. We develop the latter for humans. Humans like you and your clients.


Project Manangement & IT Systems Analysis and Development & UX/UI Design

Project in Development. More info coming soon.


Project Manangement & IT Systems Analysis and Development & UX/UI Design

Designed and developed to facilitate the use of ussd applications in Mozambique. Making this technology more simple to use and understand for everybody.


Project Manangement & IT Systems Analysis and Development & UX/UI Design

Trago is a delivery app designed and developed to help people who need their products to be delivered across town or even to other provinces.


Project Manangement & IT Systems Analysis and Development & UX/UI Design

The application works very simply. The user registers in the application as a donor, specifying his name, contact and blood type. Any user can make a blood request, specifying the amounts he needs, the health center where the transfusion will take place, the name of the patient, the age of the patient, the cause and the blood type. Health centers and hospitals can publish campaigns related to blood donation and can also manage the blood requests linked to the hospital. Hospitals can also view the history of all campaigns and all blood donation requests.

Keep In Touch

We are open to work and collaborate with inspiring brands and on meaningful projects


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Maputo, Mozambique

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